Top 5 Best Food Trucks in Malaysia 2023

Sometimes life gets too busy; we don’t have time to sit and enjoy our food at a restaurant table. Sometimes the world moves so fast; we need to follow the pace, and we just need simple yet filling food for our days. In this busy world, the food truck has become one of the most convenient ways to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner because the service is quick and simple. The chefs or cooks also love having a food truck because it is easier to follow the customers and move around than a restaurant block.

These days, food trucks have become a trend and are actively needed in different places and occasions, such as carnivals agen bola terpercaya and night market. You can find food trucks almost everywhere in Malaysia, so you will need help finding the best one. Worry not, because here are the top 10 best food trucks in the country so you can grab your food and go.

Is a Food Truck a Good Business?

The food truck can be a great idea if you seek a money-making business because it costs you less to afford a truck than a store, and you can move your restaurant to places with big crowds to gain more money. That way, you will gain more money while spending less. The food truck is also trendy, so you will gain customers faster and more efficiently.

Food trucks can offer limitless food options, from middle eastern to western dishes. However, skewers and desserts are infamous foods in the food truck business. Skewers, such as Yong Tau Foo or Lok Lok, are easy to eat because they have sticks for customers to hold when eating them and desserts, such as Crepe and Ice Cream Taco are sold in convenient packaging so that customers can eat them neatly can clean.

1. Tapak Urban Street Dining

Tapak Urban Street Dining is an infamous open spot for locals to have dinner and snacks. Using the night market concept, there are long queues of food trucks in the area, serving different cuisines so that visitors can have many options to choose from. Tables and seats are available for those who want to enjoy their food right away, and they can always bring the food home because it is packed in secure packaging.

2. Masala Wheels

Masala Wheels is your solution if you are craving a middle eastern dish but are too busy to go to a restaurant. Masala Wheels has a restaurant and a food truck, so everyone can try their delicious masala dish, whether busy or leisure. An Indian family owns the business, so the masala offered here is original and classic according to the authentic Indian recipe.

3. Jackson’s Burger

Jackson’s Burger is a food truck specialising in street burgers in the Petaling Jaya area. This truck has its fans because there is always a long line of customers daily. The burger sold in the truck has a thick and juicy patty layered with fresh shredded vegetables and spicy sauce for extra kicks. You will always come back to the truck for more burgers because the tendency of the patty is addictive.

4. Lok Lok Street

Lok Lok Street is a night-market concept with open spots for customers to try different kinds of Lok Lok. Lok Lok is a dish of instant fish balls and fresh seafood stuck in skewers and served with soup. Other than that, a few trucks also offer fried seafood to add texture to your dishes. Make sure to bring a lot of money because although the food is affordable, there are too many menus to try!

5. Food Truck Taman Melawati

Food Truck Taman Melawati is also a night-market concept open spot for people to have dinner. Specifically, in this area, a famous food truck offers Tauhu Bakar (Grilled Tofu). The dish is served in a decent portion with sweet gravy and sprinkled with roughly grounded nuts. It also comes with freshly shredded cucumber, so the whole dish is crispy, sweet, fresh and crunchy.

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