Business Ideas You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

1. Goat rental.

Goat landscaping, AKA goatscaping, is an environmentally friendly form of landscaping that eliminates the need for gas-powered machines and harmful pesticides. Goats are known for their iron stomachs and tendency to eat pretty much anything they can get to.

Given the choice though, goats tend Judi Bola to prefer grazing on many of the invasive species that people spend a lot of time and money trying to get rid of.

Goats are also incredibly nimble and get to places where no man or machine would like to venture. Goats can be used to clear a patch of grass for fire management, get rid of weeds, or kill invasive species. The ecological and financial benefits are easy to see, which is why goatscaping has become a profitable business for those who own livestock.

Finding Success:

Goat rental is a niche business that requires one or more goats that are well-kept and easy to handle. If you have the space, the ability, and the desire to farm goats, this is a good business to start. In the U.S. many goat landscaping businesses have popped up, including Goats on the Go,, and Goats R Us.

2. Cat café.

Cat cafés offer people a place to drink a cup of coffee and eat a light meal while watching, cuddling, and playing with cats. For those who are unable to keep pets, these establishments offer them the opportunity to interact with animals.

These businesses have also proved very successful in improving cat adoption rates in the U.S., and some have partnered with shelters and rescue organizations.

Although no one can be certain, it is generally agreed that the world’s first cat café opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998. It was called the Cat Flower Garden. Six years later, the idea of cat cafés pounced over to Japan, where they became extremely popular.

Over the next five years, 79 cafés purred into existence throughout the island. From there, they spread across the globe. The first cat café on the North American continent was Le Café des Chats in Montreal, Canada.

Finding Success:

From Cat Town in Oakland, California to The Catcade in Chicago, Illinois, cat cafés are proving very popular in the U.S. However, getting approved in the past has been difficult. Most health departments want to wedge a gulf between the area where food is prepared and served and where the cats are kept after hours. Fair — no one wants a hairball on their plate.

3. Moirology.

A moirologist is a professional mourner — someone who is paid to attend funerals and mourn for the deceased. While this may sound macabre, it’s a traditional practice that dates back to ancient Egypt and continues to this day.

People would hire mourners to show deep sorrowful and often over-the-top mourning for the dead, thereby indicating the importance and social significance of the loved one no longer in this world.

Today, things are a bit different, with professional mourners often leading specific funeral activities and helping maintain an atmosphere of respect during services.

Finding Success:

One does not need any formal education or experience to be a professional mourner. A dignified manner, a professional look, and a compassionate heart are the keys to success here. In the U.S. professional mourning is not as popular as in some cultures, but the industry is growing and often suggested by funeral homes.

4. Home energy auditing.

There were roughly 241 million households in the U.S. in 2023. While the average electricity bill per U.S. household varies by state, the national average was $146.45 in September 2023. Roughly half of the energy used by U.S. households is for heating and cooling alone.

If you can save people up to 30% on their bills, you’re in business — that’s what home energy auditors do. By applying their understanding of how energy is consumed in a building, they suggest ways to reduce this consumption and, in turn, save people money.

There are several rules and regulations around energy auditing, and professional auditors must be certified.

Get the Skills:

Home energy auditors provide services using a range of tools. They use infrared cameras, combustion analyzers, blower doors, manometers, watt meters, smoke machines, and even soap bubbles.

The Association of Energy Engineers has a Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) program.

5. Professional friend business.

A professional friend is someone who is paid to fulfill the role of friendship with those seeking advice, companionship, or support. It is important to note that this is on a purely platonic level, with zero romantic involvement. This business can be split into two categories, virtual friends and IRL (in real life) friends.

Virtual friends or cyber friends are people who are paid to connect with others online. They may be asked to video chat, play games online, help with social media profiles, and generally answer questions and engage with a “matched” client.

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